(Special thanks to IRLJasmine for the fabulous announcement graphic.)

Many of our readers are familiar with Deeps More Deeping, our official guild that we started with great amusement last year. In recent months, however, the guild had become stagnant and without much of a life to it. This was due to multiple factors, the two biggest of which were a lack of guild leadership on our part, and the status of Smolderthorn as a server. There were still a couple people logging in every day, but we had absolutely nothing to offer for their troubles except for level 25 guild perks and an empty roster list.

However, we’re addressing both of these issues today. To prepare for Mists of Pandaria, as of about an hour ago, we’ve transfered the guild of Deeps More Deeping to Stormreaver-US, a much higher population server with a more robust economy. We’ve also handed off full organizational duties to officers besides Mike and myself, to make sure that there are people always around to answer questions and make decisions without depending on waiting for approval from anyone else. This will include a properly run raid with an assigned raid officer separate from our GM. We would also like to have a dedicated PVP group (and we are still on the lookout for a leader of that group, let us know if you’re interested).

Whether or not you’re interested in dedicating yourself to either activity, Deeps More Deeping is available to all who are interested and willing to help make it be a safe, welcoming place for fellow members. More details will be coming over the next few days on who will be running the show and how to get more involved, but for now, if you have any questions, check out our new DMD section inside the forums.

As to those who enjoy a quieter server and aren’t interested in making the transfer over, the framework of the guild still exists there and I’ve handed off GM duties to Gwendyl, who generously offered to take the reins for us. Please contact them if you have any questions about the old setup and what plans they have in store.