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'How do you type without arms?' 'I don't know, how do you post without a brain?'

Zarhym: You know, when I’m hard
at work being an award winning community manager, my co-workers ask me: “Zarhym, how can we become as influential, popular, and devilishly handsome as you?”

Zarhym: To which I say ‘Silence, you cretinous lapdog, or I will have you ghost-writing all my blue responses regarding Horde favoritism! Now go sign my paycheck like a good president!’

Zarhym: It is that unflinching dedication to my own greatness which allows me to work around the clock and thus truly show the world that Zarhym, award winning community manager, is at the top of the pecking order.

Zarhym: ...also there’s that whole inability to walk or drive home. I haven’t seen my house in years. (Being better than everyone sometimes means that nobody will agree to carry you out of the office.)
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