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Mean People Suck

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  1. Indigohawk

    *clap clap*

  2. Kusanagi

    Now I want to see this in kinetic typography.

  3. Darkwolf

    Well said!

  4. CaerRaven


  5. Ayshela

    Umm… just one problem with that. Have you ever run into someone who’s been kicked so many times that their kick timer is several hours long? Have you ever had to decide whether to put someone on ignore, assuming that they’re not going to say something actually useful for the entire run, or drop and wait through the damned queue again, because you COULDN’T kick the person with their head so far up their ass they needed a glass bellybutton to see where they were going?

    It happens. For some reason, Blizz thought it would be a great idea to reward people for being asses by making it harder to kick them.

    Honestly, if they’d cracked down on people’s BS in the first place, they wouldn’t have to be throwing their hands in the air NOW saying “it’s just not reasonable to expect everyone to be nice.” It IS reasonable, it’s their game, it’s their playground, and they absolutely should be enforcing standards of civility. They don’t, though. And they reward players for being jerks by making it so reasonable players who just want a decently quick run can’t kick people getting in their way.


  6. Queldan

    Read it. Love it. Spread it. Every person that loves the message is one more people helping making LFG/R a better place.

  7. Mcdeath

    And of course, the same goes for Dungeon Finder.

  8. Falos

    >select all
    >font size = 12
    >shit-eating grin

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