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Still, none of this was as awkward as that time the Level 90 Elite Tauren Chieftans were contractually obligated to play a Bioware holiday party.

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  1. Lethosos

    …okay, I have to admit that’s friggin’ brilliant. If only that was possible in real life–then we’d have an even better game experience, perhaps? 😀

  2. colin

    i like the new bashiok & zarhym directional arrows.

  3. Astoniass

    Anyone else read Cody’s voice as Tiny Tina?

  4. Crestlinger

    More like Psy. Lootem Style!

  5. Jason

    Zarhym’s comment “This really *is* a lot of daily quests” – has me rolling.

  6. Dingo

    Can someone inform a guy who stopped following WoW news a while ago who Cody is supposed to be? 😛 And if the LVL90ETC were actually at a holiday Bioware party? 😀

  7. Madruga

    I want my Zarhym!

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