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Dear Blizzard: Please take repeat offenders of the harassment policy and actually throw them in a volcano. Thank you.

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  1. Kobzol

    Awesome! Made my day :)

  2. VioletArrows

    Oh were it only an actual volcano, with daily livestreams of mass sacrifices.

  3. Raymond

    I can’t help but to feel that the report button is just a placebo. Maybe I’m tinfoilhatting, but after reporting the same guy every day for two weeks straight, it gets to feeling that way.

  4. Peldorain

    I wish the Penalty Volcano existed on Moon Guard =(

  5. Alayea

    Ah, yes. The fail volcano. =/

  6. Elynea

    I think that there should be a public list of people who have been suspended/banned for violations like harassment, language, stalking, etc., instead of the “thanks for your report…we can’t tell you what will happen, but we appreciate your efforts” drivel that we get now when reporting. All that their present response says to me is “Ok. Not going to do anything about it, but you’ve had your say.” Makes one think that nothing is being done, at all.

  7. Uriah

    *Pictures LOTR style of trolls being tossed in*

  8. Crystallia

    Can I toss one in, too?

  9. Aliok

    @Elynea WoW having something like this would make my Christmas complete. (Caution: may have some NSFW entries)

  10. Crestlinger

    Now see it would be So much more effective if they reversed it.

  11. manos1234

    the first 4 penalties are too mild :(

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