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Horrible Person is me.

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  1. oaked

    When I read that was “Darkly ironic” I almost lost it in the middle of my office.

  2. lilmissy4205

    Too bad there are no item turn-ins for Ogri’la. :(

  3. Lethosos

    Lil’Missy, they’re a bunch of ogres. Enlightened, intelligent ones, but still ogres.

    Try looking around ogre mounds and you’ll find these… brown mounds. Those are the turn-ins.

  4. Kevin

    Oh, I look forward to getting Ol’ Blanchy, the only walking speed mount in WOW.

  5. lilmissy4205

    Yes, I have pictures of said “turn-ins.” Had to prove it to some of the guys in MB.

  6. Entbark

    I don’t get it. This supposed to be some sort of flow-chart?

  7. manos1234

    what about some party grenades?

  8. Azrulian

    What about swapping Aldor > Scryer or vice versa? Thats a crap load of basilisk eyes or dreadfang venom sacs.

  9. Crestlinger

    Send this to Blizz in a ransom note style for them to remove the VP cap.

  10. Darmalus

    I’m pretty sure they meant the 1k Valor weekly cap, not the absolute cap.

  11. Alayea

    I would take Old Blanchy anytime. Even as a corpse.

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