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...but that's just my opinion, I could be wrong.

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  1. Kaliy

    Sorry, but this post is silly. You want REAL PvP? Focus it in the endgame areas or on level-capped people. You know, fights that last longer than one hit. On my server, we had a pretty wide-reaching agreement between both factions to leave people alone during initial levelling in Cata, and then focused the combat on those at level cap. The result was a vibrant, active world PvP server, with events every Friday and spontaneous combat around quest hubs, outside cities and multi-hour enemy capital raids nearly every weekend.

    The thing is, you are right, in that PvP is an opt-in choice. We simply made the opt-in to PvP at a much more exciting, engaging and entertaining level than back and forth petty ganking.

  2. Hurtnalbertn

    I agree with rolling on a pve server if you don’t want to pvp.

    However, I wish people would stop trying to initate unwanted wpvp on pve servers as well.

    Of course, I’d also like to see spells/abilities split into two sets – one for when you’re flaged, and one for when you’re not. That way the devs could play with “class balace” (something pve players don’t care about much) all they want without breaking my pve toons on my pve server.

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