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(Sung) I dreamed a dream in games gone by / when my use made me worth clicking....

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  1. Music-chan

    Can you hear the people pwn
    Pwning the peons every day
    It is the pwning of a people
    Who will kill their cares away

  2. Ashinigami

    On my own
    Pretending I can PvP
    All alone
    I pwn the noobs in Orgrimmar
    Beside me
    I feel the NPCs approaching
    When I lose my way I hit ‘M’ key and I find me…

  3. Drilling4mana

    Master of the bones, keeper of the skulls,
    Chamber’s darker than the words to Jethro Tull.
    Killing off the pure with an iron hand-
    It’s a zombie thing, you wouldn’t understand.
    Ghouls and ghosts are more than welcome!
    All the living ones must go!
    They’ll be crackin’, putrifactin’
    When I show ’em what I know!

    Master of the bones, Harbinger of Doom,
    Traveling around the world to spread the gloom.
    Drinking of the blood, feasting of the flesh,
    Don’t care where it came from, or if it ain’t fresh.
    All I want to do is eat them!
    Raw or cooked or chicken-fried!
    All alone, or with a garnish of
    Some organs on the side!

  4. RedloOfMok

    RED, I set his soul on fire.
    BLACK, the color of my demon’s heart.
    RED, an immolated horde body.
    BLACK, my mana is all out.

    ~Random Ally Warlock

  5. Ontos

    There’s a rage that can’t be spoken.
    There’s a wipe goes on and on.
    Empty spots in empty raid groups.
    Now my friends have quit and gone.

    Here they talked of epic world firsts.
    Here they made cooking flames.
    Here they sang in perfect balance.
    But the balance never came.

  6. Eilonthay

    And who says gamers don’t like musicals as well? Not I, not I. =) Nice job, all!

  7. Lorath

    Dead Poe… Peon Society?

  8. Kaliy

    I twinked a toon in times gone by…
    I min’d and maxxed my gearing
    I twinked to make those newbies die
    I even picked up engineering
    So I was capped right at 19
    And pots were made and used for healing
    I ambushed from shadows unseen
    And left my victims stunned and reeling

    But the patches come in time
    Giving xp to the BGs
    Now my twink has levelled up
    Now my twink is twenty niiiiine

    I had a twink for PvP
    So powerful against the newbies
    But now I’m dead in just a blink…
    Heirlooms have killed the twink I twinked…

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