If you look at our front page, you’ll notice that we’ve hit the donations goal for the month, with more than a week early! I’ve seen a lot more donors of smaller amounts, which is awesome, but over half of that total was due to charitable reader @chasingsol, who took it upon himself to donate enough to hit the target square on the nose.

After tweeting excitedly about this, @chasingsol offered up a proposal that made my eyes bug out:

After confirming I absolutely would, it was only a few minutes later before another Paypal donation popped in completely covering next month’s donor period. I’m stunned, excited, and touched by the generosity that’s come the strip’s way, and there was zero chance I’d wait at all to make good on my end of the bargain. Here is December’s wallpaper, free and for the taking for everyone!

(Now I’m gonna really have to up my game for January’s wallpaper. Wowza.)

HAPPY HOLIDAYS, EVERYONE! *excited screams*

A Charlie Brown Winter Veil