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In the end, it was all theater. The democrats were dead set on buffs across the board before a single word of testimony, while the republicans were holding out for a complete removal of secondary professions.

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  1. Bearpelt

    I feel his pain… Gotta cringe every time I see the sort of unhelpful and nonconstructive people hounding him.

  2. Lethosos

    See, this is why I would’ve put out a screen of interns to find him the non-stupid ones.

    Oh wait, they already do. They’re called “community managers on the forums” 😀

  3. Redhawks

    Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina asking GC questions/comments from Twitter would mean his workload has at least quadrupled from what it normally. Plus, it is nice to see him where his lips are not planted squarely on John McCain’s ass.

  4. Falos

    A senator relying on techie consultation = Lobbyists forgot to send the check

  5. Hurtnalbertn

    The e-mail should have been from @superdaveosborne … I haven’t heard anyone use the word “putz” since that show went off the air. lol!

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