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  1. Failstorm

    a very tactful nod to last nights twitter posts, a tip of the hat to you sirs

  2. Jean

    [ ] /yell in game
    [ ] Shouting at monitor
    [x] Multiple Daily Blink entries

  3. Verelyse

    I think it’d be amusing to take this extremely literally (ex: ).

  4. Crestlinger

    *Turns form upside down then posts on WoW forums with a Kael avatar.
    *Fills out form on every single MMORPG and sends them all to each other with the HQ name of the parent company and waits.

  5. The Lone Wulf

    When we need a good laugh in the design meetings! Heck, I get a good laugh in the forums for basically the same thing! 😀

  6. Bearpelt

    Hahaha awesome!

  7. Dan

    If this was actually a thing, General would be so quiet…

  8. Suntiger

    Um, what do you do if you want to provide positive feedback?

  9. Goxyo

    “i was banned, i was banned again” and “swifty” got me good hahahahahahah

  10. Jad

    Funniest strip in a while 😛

  11. Robski

    “Please select the nature of your negative feedback” .. where’s the Buff mages! box? :)
    Excellent comic, yet again!

  12. Zka

    Thanks for providing ammunition to shoot my gun whenever someone whines on a wow fansite.

  13. Alex G
    Alex G

    Reminds me of most of the SWTOR forums.

  14. Alayea

    Unfortunately, that’s what a lot of “feedback” consists of. :(

  15. Mark

    That’s fine, but CRZ still sucks. :)

  16. Jalene

    the swifty one got me the most XD

  17. Ahem

    Negative feedback doesn’t exist. It’s called “constructive”… *sigh*

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