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I would take the opportunity to offer a sneak preview of the tweets GC is receiving, but I honestly don't know if I can spell that badly.

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  1. Zach Pennington


  2. JesRaven


  3. Bearpelt

    I really feel sorry for him at times. Personally wouldn’t want to get paid and deal with that much crap from the bowels of evolution’s rubbish chute.

  4. Dragon

    At times I also pity GC for all the BS he has to deal with…and then he says something completely ridiculous and I forget all about that. 9_9

  5. Alyred

    I don’t know… after all, at the end of the day of dealing with petty trolls on Twitter, Ghostcrawler still gets to go to work.. at BLIZZARD.
    While he doesn’t deserve any of the crap he puts up with, that’s still gotta be a great thing to wake up to. :)

  6. Aliok

    @JesRaven The nerf to Combustion.

  7. Mage


    Why did they do it before I got to high lvl brawling? Agh.

  8. Crestlinger


  9. Konfliction

    a player threatening GC with a physical assult if ever sees him is a prime example of this

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