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What happens in Vegas... can usually be hotfixed. USUALLY.

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  1. Snack

    Through careful planning and proper savings, the Blizzard team has a stockpile of Elder Coins ready to go to guarantee a $28.50 pay out on every pull at the slot machine.

  2. Lantis

    What happens in Vegas will be nerfed in Vegas.

  3. Schitso

    that’s perfect… next time someone invites me to a party i’m also going to tell them I’m valor capped for the week 😀

  4. Erik

    This is further proof that Belfs are ho’s.

  5. Eostre

    How many VP for a room at the Wynn?

  6. Crestlinger

    Panel 1 Jawbone
    Panel 2 What Does he run LFR as?
    Panel 3 *Lands on 0

  7. Temo

    the valor cap one is funny xD

  8. Ophelie

    I laughed so hard at the Valor Cap one. That was perfect!

  9. Alayea

    Yeah, the valor cap joke is the best part out of them all. *lol*

  10. Hakushi

    One issue, Ghostcrawler is on the dealer’s side of the table. Notice the chips around the wheel are on his side.

  11. Murray

    I am Murray the mighty demonic skull

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