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Not Listed: Assignment for 'Raider who is frustrated he can't select multiple roles, which, given this list, means that we should probably just boot them from the raid anyways'

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  1. Remedyz

    I fucking love it, all your stuff is great XD

  2. greattical

    I find it far, far funnier to refer to Triangle as “panties.”

  3. PG

    The last two pretty much sums me up…

  4. Mikeztarp

    If I may, I’ve got one role to add: the person who doesn’t know which class/spec they want to play, but still might tag one of their character in PUG before the scheduled guild raid.

  5. Meh

    What about “the guildy who’s not on the raid team and is wearing quest blues but signs up anyways?”

  6. Mage

    The “I’m definitely going to be there because I really want to raid with you guys!!!!” no-show 0/1.

  7. manos1234

    there last one was me many times. I also used to be a microphone cough-er who I put it on click to talk

  8. Amaxe

    What, you mean people DON’T still find the condom quip funny?

  9. Crystallia

    The raid circle marker. Dear gods yes.

  10. Music-chan

    Hmm, 8 spots for microphone breathers? Yeah, that seems about right.

  11. Crestlinger

    Psychic: No. We’re all going to die cause the tanks are going to fall in the pit.
    Misquoting troll: ‘It Does bend that way’
    Familybringer: ‘I have 40 fingers on the keyboard at the same time.’

  12. Lovebunny

    Purple diamond was referred to as the “dunce cap”. Worked well as punishment for “What do you mean I have to _______ or the raid wipes?” moments.

  13. RoaRawR

    well, now we know how to make our raid a little more intresting

    next week we all are going to role play their role…..

  14. Nobody

    Actually, my guildies call the circle icon a ‘nipple’, but it’s just as bad IMO.

  15. Psynei

    It’s not a condom, it’s a nipple.

  16. Wunjo

    Forgot about the person who has to spam recount info after every fight, except for the times they didn’t make the top 3.

  17. themann1086

    “WE GOT THIS GUYS!” heh that would be me. Well, when I use to raid anyway.

  18. Kaly

    We called the circle raid icon ‘jaffacake’ or ‘nipple’ lol

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