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Unintended consequence: Citizens with dragons and drakes started complaining that there weren't any bags big enough to use.

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  1. Lethosos

    Not really.

    I mean, if wishes were horses, we’d be knee-deep in horse apples. There’s enough pets to perform a similar quantity of volume, if not mass. (I.E. it’d be ankle-deep instead.)

  2. Aliok

    I got a good giggle from this. :)

  3. Suntiger

    Aren’t the dragons and drakes sentient?
    Meaning they’d (hopefully) be considerate enough to go to the dragon’s room to do their business.
    (Business-oriented people could make a fortune collecting the barrels from the dragon’s outhouse and sell the crap to farmers as fertilizer. Westfall and Durotar will grow and prosper!)

    I’ll give you the proto-drakes though.

  4. Lantis

    The bunny’s name is Randal, I’m betting.

  5. Torrasque

    Since mounts live in your magic extra dimensional backpack for the major part of their life, they most likely do their dirty business in there. Yuck.

  6. JesRaven

    Good one. Love the Clerks reference :)

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