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Kerrigan wakes up from her nightmare at the end, not upset that she's still connected to the Zerg, but because that matchup means she's clearly been demoted from Grandmaster if facing someone THAT bad.

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  1. Tokryva

    Zerg = OP

  2. Shadowkitten-Bloodyrogue


  3. Ithras

    So, I’m not the only person that attacks statues instead of the opposing team…

  4. Dreyfuss-Ner'zhul(US)

    I haven’t laughed this hard at a Daily Blink in quite a while. That last panel… the buildup was predictable but the last panel wouldn’t have worked any other way.

  5. sDsTash

    This strip is so good that the only better thing I’ve seen this month is the cinematic itself.

  6. Broffe

    That’s no overlord… That’s a Leviathan!

  7. Jason Stallones
    Jason Stallones

    Obviously fake, this never happened in Italy.

  8. nate v
    nate v

    Best. Captions. Ever.

  9. D Luniz
    D Luniz

    I would like to know how have my battlecruisers go Glovial, it seems an improved strat over my own

  10. Madruga

    He should have rushed the zerg base.

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