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The international version of the cover is too risque to be posted on the website. True, the model looks exactly the same, but he's transmogging a combination of plate and cloth simultaneously- the HORROR!

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  1. Cass

    Almost choked on my Mike and Ike’s.. Fire Mages.. lol

  2. Eostre

    Hahaha the alt text and admission of gearscore use made my morning! Well done Sirs!

  3. Chasingsol

    Haha, I love it. Nice work!

  4. Tash

    I love how “End World Hunger” is #80 :) classic

  5. Walkingdead

    I actually somehow ended up with a free subscription to Maxim magazine, I think I got signed up through some department store when I signed up for a loyalty card or some such thing, but anyway, every single time I get one in the mail I catch the mailman sitting in his truck for 5 minutes flipping through it before he puts it in the mailbox and drives off.

  6. Elynea

    Hey! I am a Fire Mage! I will always be a fire mage!


  7. Thevolget

    Choaked on a mouthful of Mtn. Dew after reading the cover…lol fire mages

  8. Aliok

    Fire mage forever!

    *sits with Elynea and starts weeping too*

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