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Obscure, but almost made the cut: Properly setting up CT_RaidAssist.

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  1. BobJamesWI

    I dunno. I’m thinking there might be a market for #1, judging from some the people I’ve been utterly amazed by in a few scenarios. Thankfully it’s rare, but it does happen!

  2. JSStryker

    I remember CT_RaidAssist LOL! Way to make me feel old(er) than I already feel! :)

  3. celoreesta

    Hey scenarios are hardcore stuff XD

  4. Shannon Tucker

    Awesome. I’ll have to look those guides up!

  5. ec

    #6 is just mean… but true T_T

  6. nate v
    nate v

    the 2200 rogue guide got

  7. AkiyaWarrior

    #8 made me giggle uncontrollably, followed closely by #4 😀

  8. Nebet

    Heh, for a while #7 was actually a thing. People were selling netherweave cloth on the AH for less 10 heavy netherweave bandages would sell for. You could actually make money buying up the cloth, rolling bandages, and vendoring them…

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