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Cross it off the bucket list: I managed to parody Weird Al Yankovic.

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  1. Shannon Tucker


  2. David A.

    A single orange pixel rolls down my cheek.

  3. lackinganame

    That is a really cool rhyme.

    reminds me when i first started i was the biggest max level noob tell a Orc warrior decided to teach me how to play max level.

    (i had no idea what resilience was)

  4. Arrowsmith

    I read the whole thing in Weird Al’s voice. And it was GLORIOUS.

  5. Silvertaurus

    Thats how I feel every time I start new alt -___-

  6. JSStryker

    A big Bravo Zulu for this!

  7. Leahnidas

    That was really cute; bravo!

  8. Music-chan

    I wasn’t thinking Weird Al. It was more like reading a Dr. Seuss book. XD

  9. Unrealhero

    This reminds me of the song by Garbage…

    “When I level up
    I’ll fill stables
    When I level up
    I’ll pet Anomalus”

    Just wish I had your talent XP

  10. Unrealhero

    Maybe Kaegros rhymes better… nope, still a failure.

  11. Asenath

    Ahem. No mention of Warlocks?

  12. magicalmageguy

    hi, i was just wondering what applications you use to create your magazine covers like the one yesterday. :)

  13. nate v
    nate v

    ah i love this! i almost got every class to 90 so the poem is special to me <3

  14. Eostre

    Super cute, totally read it in Weird Al’s voice… you Sir, made my day :)

  15. linkko

    Did anyone else mistake the kid’s nose for his mouth?

  16. andreios

    Great! 1) Good poetry on display here! It has… METER! 😀 2) It’s the story of me as a (still) low-level player… :)

  17. Kaielyne

    I so want this as a full poster. :)

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