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This must be how movie critics feel when trying to get into the screener for Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters.

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  1. Dreyfuss-Ner'zhul(US)

    Web Chat Support: For when you would rather spend 18 hours waiting for a reply in a browser, instead of in-game.

  2. Crestlinger

    Use ‘Chatter chatter chattery chatter’ as the summarizer. That’ll work.

  3. Shannon Tucker

    I love the issue.

  4. Asenath

    Tell you somehow managed to drown your kodo. They won’t know whether you’re joking or just stupid.

  5. Aliok

    Well… Hmm. Yeah, I see the problem – you’re being honest about what you need. Try writing something bogus and then tell the rep that they misunderstood the meaning of your issue and that you really meant that you need a screenshot of Web Chat support.

    (Not actually advocating the above, it’s just that I’ve worked C/S and it’s amazing how many people change their stories once they’re talking to a live person.)

  6. Aliok

    Also, the alt text really made me laugh. :)

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