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The problem with this game, of course, is that everyone excited enough to want to buy it immediately is the exact demographic of people that nobody will ever be foolish enough to play against.

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  1. Tash

    Great comic today! Curious where the connection to Nicholas Noble came from; I’ve met him before at my place of business and have his business card in my wallet. My eyes bugged out a bit when I saw his name in today’s strip.

  2. Music-chan

    Oh lord, the alt text. Words have never been so true.

  3. Greckn

    That alt text has always been my problem with Star Wars Trivial Pursuit

  4. colin

    +1 for the alt text

  5. nate v
    nate v

    Bonus question: Which class QQs the most? Warriors, Warriors, or Warriors?

  6. George

    Bonus Question 2: When is it a good idea to cap south graveyard? (HINT: IT’S NOT YOU TARDZ GG WE SUXXOR U SHULD JUST LISTEN TO MARGLBLARGLRAGEEEEE)

  7. Crestlinger

    WHAT IS your quest!?

  8. Annette

    That was fantastic.

  9. Mr. Tastix

    You know, shamans have a pretty whiny forum, too. Should check that out sometime.

  10. Hal

    Oh my god, the images now…the horrible, green, meaty, pendulous images.

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