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The most head-asplode moment of the whole situation was having someone bothering to roll need on a lockbox calling me 'petty' without irony. Humans are a wondrous, beautiful creature.

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  1. Sinkuu


  2. Randysasquatch

    Oh man, I nearly forgot about those commercials. I was just thinking about “douches who need on all lockboxes” the other day as I tanked an LFR. Man, I haven’t been this tickled and thoroughly satisifed with a smug tidy smile on my face in a while. ha ha ha ha. for cereal.

  3. Asenath

    “You don’t have lockpicking”
    No, but I have goblin engineering, and that works just as well for lock boxes.

  4. whatismyname?

    also blacksmith open boxes too

  5. Ziarre

    I just foil them by rolling need if I see someone’s rolled need. Want to run off with a lockbox? Still have to roll against someone.

  6. Music-chan

    I was in an LFR and we had a lockbox. Someone said “and now it’s time to see who rolls need on it” but no one did! There was some amusing banter about that afterward. Good times. 😀

  7. Aurora Nova
    Aurora Nova

    @Music-chan: amg, that might have been me! I always say that in LFRs when lockbox comes up! (or something very similar. depends on my mood, really.)

  8. Alayea

    Let me guess: you came across a needy bastard in LFR.

  9. Crestlinger

    Those poor fools will need on Anything to get their ‘needy’ achievement

  10. Falos

    Alright, I enjoyed this one.

  11. The Lone Wulf

    Meh. It’s not worth getting riled up over. It’s a lockbox. If you felt it was important then you would have rolled Need on it, too. If it was important enough to make a forum post (or comic) about it when people do it then it should have been important enough for you to roll Need on, too.
    And no, I don’t roll Need on’em, but I DO laugh when I read the QQ about those who do. What’s the point?

  12. Aliok

    Reminds me of the parody song, “Ninja Raiders.”

    But yeah, rolling Need on a lockbox is annoying – mostly because it’s poor form.

  13. Emma

    A smart troll institutes a kick with somebody else’s name like “Keeps rolling Need” “Bad DPS”, etc then laughs now that he’s kickproof.

  14. JesRaven

    Great, now I got that Real Men of Genius song stuck in my head 😛

  15. tb

    Commercial? What commercial?

  16. SqueektheWeek

    Great comic.

    The problem with idiots is you can’t make them understand that they are such.

  17. Benthere

    so true.. so true..

  18. Dragon

    I don’t really understand why Blizz doesn’t just fix them to be greed only. I also don’t understand why everyone gets so uptight about need rolls. Everyone should just roll need. Poof, instant fairness.

  19. RedloOfMok

    I haven’t even had the option to roll need on lockboxes since cata. Is this a rogue-only deal or are all of my characters just special?

  20. Conzar

    Revngeek’s Parody Palace ( ) for loads of these! :-)

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