The Daily Blink is a WoW fansite and is not affiliated with Blizzard Entertainment. Seriously. We cannot help you recover deleted toons. Stop asking us to escalate support tickets.
Don't worry! In order to get the final panel for this strip, we set Blizzard's offices on fire on a Sunday so they'd be empty. I mean, game developers never work weird hours or overtime, am I right? ...Right?

There is no transcript for this comic. Stay tuned!
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  1. Shadowkitten-Bloodyrogue

    Hahaha!!! This is funny!

  2. Aurora Nova
    Aurora Nova

    By Fire Be Purged!!

  3. Aliok

    @Aurora Nova

    Too Soon!

  4. Shammah

    Okay, those second and third comments were pretty good.

  5. AlphaRaptor

    Because let’s face it, “The Daily” wouldn’t sound as unique for a WoW web comic series.

  6. Falos

    Nice title.

  7. Mage

    OH MY GOD that is hillarious.

    I felt the same way when I heard the ‘news’. I cannot be a mage without my blink!

  8. Madruga

    I would have done the same thing

  9. Zedjag

    Feed me with your anger

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