This has been on my mind for a while, and I think it’s best to make an official blog post here to let you all know- Mike is no longer co-authoring The Daily Blink. Unfortunately, for our respective autobiography’s sales figures at some point in the future, this won’t be the section that keeps people reading… nothing dramatic or scintillating happened that led to this point – I took over full writing responsibilities when Mike deployed, and upon his return, it became apparent that our schedules aren’t compatible anymore. That’s honestly all of the gory details.

I *am* happy to report, however, that Mike made it back from his first maritime deployment safe and sound, and quicker than expected. We’re still great friends, he still plays in The Daily Blink’s guild, and he just hit 90 on Zebrakk. It’s great to have him both back on solid land, and back in Azeroth. I’m sad to no longer be collaborating with him on the comic, as he has made this strip better, not only through his contributions as a writer over the past two years, but as a consistent influence on pushing my art skills to keep up with the ideas that were on the table every week. For that, he has my unending thanks and gratitude.