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Our guild almost disbanded over a graphing calculator setting causing 18 consecutive wipes. That and the fact that nobody spoke fluent enough Esperanto to get past Horridon.

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  1. Tokryva

    I just read the raid guide in Lore’s voice……. >_<

  2. Kobzol

    You made my day, awesome ;)

  3. Marfoir

    My RSS feeds just collided.

  4. E

    “The requested topic does not exist.”

    Had to check the buy cheapest viagra url… ;)

  5. Mitch

    My two favorite comics combined <3

    Also this:

    "My RSS feeds just collided." -Marfoir

    (I never comment here, couldn't immediately figure out how to quote, got lazy :x )

  6. Samin

    That’s a great xkcd impression. Well done!

  7. Nick

    I’ve never been so eager to read the Daily Blink as when I saw “XKCD” in the title.

  8. Deadjack

    Dam I really wanna try those raids
    Im pretty sure I would be on viagra professional no prescription lowest price chess duty

  9. Sandwrong

    But…. but… No Black hat guy? D: Otherwise, cialis low cost spot on man, this was AWESOME! :D Morning made here.

  10. Sadpanda

    Is it only me, or is buy viagra in usa the URL to the xkcd forum not existing? :o

  11. George

    That was amazing. Truly, truly amazing.

  12. nate v
    nate v

    That made my day.

  13. Derv

    well… I just came from xkcd O.o

  14. Mage


    “…raising or lowering depending on the item level of the raid member producing the highest direct target dps…”

    Hahaha, theorycrafters’ brains have just exploded.

  15. Crestlinger

    By panel1: heroism/timewarp/etc. for the viagra 25 mg (Most buffed and soon to be nerfed to the floor class) in phase 3 IF more dps means less phases.
    2: EVERYONE Use Karazan as preparation.
    3: So 54 degrees of possible range at any given time.
    4: For radians remember PIE rules all.
    Fibonacci numbers 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8…also seashells and yellow chamomile

  16. Flashlight

    Now we just need xkcd as written by the daily blink.

  17. Fabre

    XKCD and Daily Blink in a single comic strip, this was a good day!

  18. George

    Topic exists, use LOWER CASE instead of upper case.

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