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Patch notes: More emotionally involving than the best-written suspense novel.

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  1. Tyrantwolf

    truth history

  2. Thedr

    It really shows how awesome the panda facial expressions are.

  3. Gingerpaws

    Right in the viagra for uk feels!

  4. Gerz

    why i read it with loremaster cho’s voice? D:

  5. JesRaven

    So much truth here. Great comic today

  6. Crestlinger

    Next up: ads for Burger King; THAT mouth could fit a Whopper.

  7. Alayea

    Perfect comic and alt text. xD

  8. Aliok

    The alt text is so true.

  9. Kanegasi

    I find much truth in the second to where can i buy cialis in the uk last panel. So many awesome things come into patches, only to be taken out days later because people were too outspoken about how awesome it is on the PTR. *cough* lock tanking *cough*

  10. Edrall

    HAHAHA So epicly true, roflmao

  11. Pheratia

    People who are affected by all those stages should just leave ptr and patch news alone and just enjoy the game and then read patch notes when they go live

  12. Iron

    Completely wrong.
    The very first bit should be about how the patch breaks every single addon you use.

  13. LunaSaint

    I’m still bitter about the removal of pet nova from PvE. Frost should be about controlled burst, not procs! :(

  14. BoB

    I know you are trying to make a joke wit this comic, but it is 100% accurate.

  15. Vandr

    Seriously, Iron and Kanagasi, read the bottom part…..

  16. Chambertin

    Does anyone still play?
    If it wernt for the comics I dont think I would even remember wow.
    Mists of Disney was the discount cialis prices killer for me.

  17. Azmodai

    See i love all you people who seem to think that just because there are pandas in it that it’s instantly childish… The entire storyline has progressively got darker and cost viagra more focused on the war, unless you consider the cull of the sunreavers and their eviction from Dalaran to be “Disney” and thats only one small section of sample viagra the last patches storyline.

  18. Crystallia

    Agreeing with Azmodai, here. The game is not “Diseny-fied,” WoW still has MILLIONS of people who play… get over it.

  19. Dacron

    Why would you call it Mists of Disney, cause their are panda movies out? Last time I checked WC3 had the Panda race in it long before it was cartoonized by Dreamworks. Not aiming to be rude, but your comment only shows your ignorance.

  20. Chambertin

    Personaly the storyline is very childish to me.
    The focus I see is on daily quests and phasing zones. When you cant even play next to cheapest viagra professional your freind then any “story” loses meaning to me because I can read wowpedia or watch a movie much easier.

    I know pandas have been around for a long time, but they were a SMALL portion of the game and not worth an entire expansion YET.
    Maybe someday they would have fit in very well, but this whole game looks like a Disney project. Pretty to look at but lackluster and filled with childish jokes to get you through it.

    I know there were big changes in the past, but they all had something very centric to the WHOLE storyline. This is built around one character who had limited interaction with the fate of Azeroth. There are SO many other options it makes my head spin.

    Also look at the order cheap cialis without a prescription pandas we got compared to the ones described. For example one of the racials is “bouncy,” do I need to justify the cartoon interpertation of an established SINGLE character anymore?

  21. Anufis

    >phasing zones. When you cant even play next to your freind – See more at:

    what is this info based of?

    >Also look at the pandas we got compared to the ones described. For example one of the racials is “bouncy,” do I need to justify the cartoon interpertation of an established SINGLE character anymore?

    You are not forced to viagra sample pack play panda.

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