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Nobody bring up permitted addons. For the love of Jebus, please don't mention addons, I can't deal with another nerd argument over what's 'period'...

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  1. Crystallia

    That poor Goblin.

  2. elsydeon

    Should have been a goblin DK.

  3. Soojies

    Had me just grinning til the last frame. That earned itself a good hearty laugh :)

  4. Music-chan

    hahaha, oh man. My parents do Civil War re-enactments and this was just hilarious to me.

    Also, period mods were pretty much limited to the CT ones, wouldn’t it? I remember using CT-Raid back in the day. When did DBM and the like even come out?

  5. Paaperclips

    This made me laugh so hard. :)

    As someone who misses the feeling of Vanilla, (but is still happy with the game where it is now) I would love to participate in Vanilla re-enactments. I’m going to have to start this trend on my server!

    I’ll call being the guy who calls out server outages.

  6. Katlamos

    If you’re feeling really saucy, you could find a private Vanilla server! They exist as a reminder that change is amazing and your memories are oft seen through the rose-tinted glasses of nostalgia.

  7. Falos

    Hot damn, finally got my 40% mount, now it only takes me two hours to get a quest mob across the zone.

  8. Sanzul

    Aren’t all the period addons banned anyway? Decursive, raid health monitors, etc.

  9. Crestlinger

    Funnier would be the attempted re-enactments in a destroyed area like Auberdine.

  10. Candlefly

    The Goblins can play but they’ll have to remain neutral NPCs.

  11. Grumpy cultist
    Grumpy cultist

    warlock casting holy spell? NO NO NO…this where not in patch 1.6

  12. Ranor

    Tauren is a Death Knight though soooo…

  13. D Luniz
    D Luniz

    Will we be using the ken burns civil war music?

  14. Lord Hakkera
    Lord Hakkera

    Kind of odd that the goblin is being rejected by a Druid that appears to have the death knight eyes 😉

  15. Dragon2k

    They’re in front of the NEW Light’s Hope Chapel fortifications!
    They should put red ribbon around them to indicate that that bit doesn’t really exist.

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