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Can you imagine what would happen if attending the film resulted in earning perks in game? Entire guilds sitting down and leaving as the opening credits started so they could claim a world first?

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  1. Queldan


  2. Unamithil


  3. Cyndeminda

    They don’t even have to go that far… All they have to do is say every 100th ticket stub will have a pet code.

  4. Mikeztarp

    I would only do the LFR version of the film so I could use the wiping buff to my advantage.
    Nice poster by the way. 😉

  5. Candlefly

    Leave in the opening credits!?! Ff that driving time! You’ll see me in the theater with my laptop in the front row!

  6. George

    @Cyndeminda: Why not just give every ticket a pet code? It worked for authenticators.

  7. Zophor

    I just spit up my drink…no fooling.

  8. Cyndeminda

    @George… they wanted blockbuster… so you might have to “see” the film a few times before you get a code…

  9. Alayea

    The scariest part is that I could see this happening. :S

  10. Madruga

    And the warcraft movie got 10 million viewers on the first weekend!

  11. Lantis

    Oh wow, I haven’t laughed this hard at anything in a long time.

  12. J.J.S.

    Even if every single Warcraft account ever created went to see such a movie, they wouldn’t make a profit (at least at the rumored $100 million budget) — at best, they’d break even.

    I really don’t think this sort of movie is going to appeal to the public, either. Stick to the games, and don’t make a terrible movie. Because it won’t be good, I can guarantee that.

  13. Ianmcnab

    Dude, you are missing the big picture…. check PTR changelog, they are removing blink!!! blink while we can!

  14. LighthouseX3


    *opening cast/intro rolls*

    /press ESC
    *nothing happens*

    /press ESC
    *still nothing*

    /press ESC
    “get with the program: no, you can’t skip this cutscene.”

    *end credits roll, concluded by “all rights reserved, etc…”*
    “Your reputation with Earthwarder Studios has increased by 100″
    “[character_name_here] has become Honored with Earthwarder Studios”
    /think “Yay. All I need is 6k more rep and I can get that 2x bonus *squee*”

  15. Indigohawk

    Did you just give someone at the studio an idea?

  16. Crestlinger

    Well they just hired a director. We’ll see if he reads this/mmochampion too.

  17. Zipp

    And the DVD will include a pet code. And the special edition will include another pet code. And the limited edition will include another pet code. They will sell a trillion pet codes, I mean DVDs.

  18. ryvrdrgn14

    Why settle for just pet codes?

    Toss in mounts and consumable/timed cosmetic items to increase the value of repeat purchases!

    Also include codes for unique transmog sets based on the movie.

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