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Could have been worse: It would have been instant death if the dog tried to loot her chestpiece.

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  1. Crystallia

    Sylvanas still has her blades… that Hunter better run for it.

  2. Mikeztarp

    Instant death but totally worth it, right? 😉
    Dead corpses… you slay me, guys.

  3. Alayea

    I dig the alt text. =P

  4. Madruga

    The dog’s tail is the best.

  5. The Lone Wulf
    The Lone Wulf

    @Mikeztarp: Yeah, I think I’d deal with a spirit healer’s rezz for THAT fetch… :)

  6. aliok

    Good comic. :) I think you missed an opportunity to work a CM – Crithto – into the joke, but still good.

  7. GrommarErrantes

    Haha that dawg. I’m SO going to use a dog as main pet from next patch onwards.

  8. Keifeto

    …so they just gave my pet RayZar (raptor) a new way to get me killed? sweet xD

  9. Wrekh

    It’s funny, because it’s just one change that hunters are getting in this patch.

  10. Hashelroel

    Now if the troll can somehow manage to turn this into an opportunity to gain some digits…wait…WoW doesn’t have telephones…

    Welp…one less troll in the world.

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