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I would have portrayed the antagonist as a Mage, but MAGES AREN'T VIABLE IN THE COMIC THIS PATCH, AM I RIGHT PLAYERBASE? HUH?

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  1. Music-chan

    It’s never enough for some people, is it?

  2. Tombstone-X

    Hey thats a good picture of Turpster the Poster boy of all fanboy that everything is perfect and never enough stuff.

  3. Björn

    Egbert! <3

  4. Warsongraven

    Is that… is that Garrosh in a bathtub???? 😀

  5. Arli

    I love this, would make a brilliant poster :)

  6. Potatohead

    Would have been better with a troll, but joke is still funny.

  7. Kyr

    that poor ZA bear, what did he do to deserve a panda hanging from a tree sticking out of his ass?

  8. Benny Tops
    Benny Tops

    Expectations, subverted.

    I would say, ‘See you at the Tops’, but it seems the rogue took my spot.


  9. Memory

    Ghostcrawler himself could show up at a fan boys house, give him a collectors edition of every game they have ever made. Swag from every Blizzcon, a game time card that gives him free play for every Blizz game that has a subscription fee for the rest of his life. A bacon cheeseburger and a milkshake of his favorite flavor. Oh and to top it all off Ghostcrawler would poop out a solid gold life sized murloc. The fan boy would ask where are his fries. NO FRIES! DAMN IT BLIZZARD YOU NEVER GIVE US ANYTHING THAT WE ASK FOR YOU SUCK!

  10. Oleander

    Problem is: there’s no pony on the right. GHOSTCRAWLER PROMISED ME A PONY.

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