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Real answer: LFR. Reason? Because it's the answer that makes everyone reading this rage the hardest. [trollface.jpg]

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  1. Gazimoff

    Hipster raider did Naxx40 before it became cool.

  2. SqueektheWeek

    Varies from fight to fight imo.

  3. Direfox

    every abilities of Council of Elders do dmg 10m same at 25m? 3 heal and 6-7 heal…

  4. JesRaven

    LFR IS more difficult, but its only because of the people you have to deal with. Normal and heroics are filled with people who know what they’re doing and make an honest effort, even if it turns out to be a wipe. LFR is filled with people who are done with their dailies and want to kill time before their weekly RP sessions.

  5. Kazz

    @ JesRaven In my extensive experience, the hardest part of LFR has not been dealing with “casuals” or “noobs” but dealing with the elitist hardcore crowd there to grind additional gear to further their normal progression.
    As a normal modes raider who does LFR to get an edge on gearing early in each patch, it is completely exasperating to see people berating the tank for pulling too slowly, or constantly talking trash about other player’s performance even if their performance is adequate to finish the encounter.

    In no way am I pointing fingers to anyone here, but since trolls in LFR are becoming more rare, the only true headachs now are elitst jerks, in my humble but experienced opinion.

  6. Mikeztarp

    Either way, we are all in agreement: LFR really is the hardest mode. 😛

  7. Hadara

    It’s funny because, objectively, PvP is harder. It’s just debated because most people are terrible at PvP and don’t understand the depth to it. Most are just “LOL countercompin/FOTM I’m a retard heheh”

  8. Urivial

    I would think 10 man would be harder for the individual player, not having those extra 15 people to fall back on if a small mistake is made, yet 25 man is far more complex for the raid leader to organize and run, far more stressful I would think.

    Of course I don’t raid, I’m just a PvPer, so I don’t really know.

  9. Rick Astley
    Rick Astley

    Ask yourself this: how much of an idiot am I trying to prove a point on a Daily Blink post when its sole purpose in the first place is to ridicule your biased views.

  10. Tríckz

    I managed to kill C’thun and Kel’thuzad back in vanilla WoW..

    The content is so easy now, tho i may regret spending 2 months on Mu’ru .. Dat fight pre nerf!

  11. Mr. Tastix

    I’ve always thought PvP is harder than PvE but, as Hadara stated, it’s objective. It’s always been objective and always will be.

    On the 10- vs 25-man debate itself, I believe both are difficult for different reasons and am of the opinion that neither should give more rewards than the other.

  12. raisinghell

    dont get me wrong, pvp is hard< noob rolls into a bg as a blood dk. But the fact of the matter is. each point have there strong suits some people in full pvp gear cant do a raid to save their life. while people that raid cant do pvp either.. my personal thoughts on this is raiding 10 man is far harder 1 brez and alot less room for error.. only cause you wont cetch me pvp due to the fact of the dual boxers and premades kick my butt…

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