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If this announcement is Blizzard All-Stars, there will never be a more potent combination of anticipation and letdown as people react with, 'Oh, is that it? Oh, well I suppose that's only MOSTLY fucking awesome.'

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  1. Dibby

    If the announcement IS Blizzard All-Stars, I propose we all start referring to it using the acronym “BALLS”. Because WHY NOT.

  2. Chris Hanel
    Chris Hanel
  3. Ymirsson

    I dont know, this sounds like a made up story.

  4. Music-chan

    Oh man, that was good.

    Sadly, I’ll be working when the announcement goes through so I guess I’ll have to wait until I get home. =p

  5. Enimos

    I laughed out loud.
    For some reason, this turn of events sounds quite possible.
    I think that with all the hipe, the thing I would’ve liked the most to happen would have to be Warcraft 4.
    If only. 😛

  6. M - Holm
    M - Holm

    This made me laugh way too many times. Many more then i wanted to, but i just coudn’t stop!

  7. Hammrad

    What does it say about me that I’m sincerely hoping for super-secret Starcraft: Ghost reboot on PS4?

    And yesss, this strip is hall of fame worthy 😀

  8. Steel

    Everything about this was win. I hope they do mention the oculus or titan though ^^

  9. Tary T
    Tary T

    I literally snorted coffee out my nose……… funniest thing ever! BRAVO……/slowly levitates above desk

  10. Evildietz

    11:00 killed me. Kudos to you man!

  11. Mikeztarp

    Oh boy! When I saw the title in the RSS feed I thought “this should be good,” but you went beyond my wildest expectations. xD

    @Dibby: I’m in.

  12. The Lone Wulf

    Crap, not an Obama endorsement… Do we REALLY want to send working players for the hills? XD j/k
    This is so totally believeable!

  13. fillibuster

    oh man the climax was hilarious. Well done sir, first time I’ve laughed out loud at a wow comic.

  14. Antimushroom

    Oh dear lord, I could barely breathe through laughing too hard from reading this comic XD

  15. The Greyed
    The Greyed

    This strip was so awesome, that I canceled my plans to read future TDB strips due to lack of interest!!!

  16. Sandwrong

    Wow on the 3DS….. MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Valexie

    They forgot the part where Blizzard announces Half-Life: Episode 3 for Valve.

  18. DumDum

    11.01 WoW subs increased 100 fold
    11.02 All other game companies fold with the exception of Rockstar as peeps gotta have GTA

  19. Kita

    Oh my GAWD, Daniel Day-Lewis as Lor’Themar! /swoon!

  20. Aliok

    Cannot. Breath. ROFL doesn’t even begin to describe. Outdid yourself, Chris!

    Also, @Dibby: Count me in, too. XD I wonder if that could be worked in to a Spaceballs parody.

  21. David DeLaney
    David DeLaney

    …”wipe it and start the event over” was what got me.


  22. The Risu
    The Risu

    @David DeLaney: yeah, that bit damn near made me inhale my salad. Beer is bothersome, but a carrot in one’s sinuses is downright unpleasant. This made my night! :)

  23. Falos

    ^What Dave said.

  24. Dragonsushi

    omg i love this

  25. Kilitam

    Daniel Day Lewis as a Blood Elf. Right. I stopped reading this at that point.

  26. Xrafice

    Sadly, this forgot 12:00 PM: Attendees take to the internet to bitch about every single thing they were overcome with euphoria about.

  27. Xrafice

    And then I read the mouse-hover quip. XD

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