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Burning question: How insistent did PR have to get about showing that photo of Mike Morhaime in the release trailer?

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  1. mmx2

    lol, would be funny if they really did use these…

  2. kup

    lol soooo true.

    “HEY LOOK AT THIS NEW GAME!!….(whispers) oh aaaaaaaand resilience is going away in wow…IT’S CALLED HEARTHSTONE!!!”

  3. Crestlinger

    The Innkeeper’s Daughter is going to be Very busy then.

    If they ever make an unglued/unhinged set nominate These.

  4. Crystallia

    Damn you, Medivh. Damn you.

  5. JesRaven

    “WoW TCG Online is too hard. I know, let’s make a minigame for WoW like Triple Triad in Final Fantasy VIII…. only it won’t be in WoW! AND we can charge people for it!”

  6. Xrafice

    lol, preeeeetty much, Jes. Although, I believe they’re supposedly adding a “Hearthstone card table” to WoW. Would be interesting if it had actual functionality.

    Interesting, but I still hate the concept of an online-only TCG with randomized microtransactions. At least give me the physical crappy cards! 😀

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