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Good evening, sir, my name is High Tinker Mekkatorque. I come from an irradiated area. I used to be addicted to gizmos but now I am off it and trying to stay clean. That is why I am selling engineering materials.

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  1. Blackcowboy

    Greaaat!!! lol

  2. Raven

    T-t-t-they took my trinket.

  3. Asenath

    Brutal honesty for which I will surely be hated, but it has to be said:
    This comic has really gone down hill.

  4. Randysasquatch

    Oh man this was my favorite one in a while, keep it up guys.

  5. Filabane

    The DPS obsession has gotten bad, to the point where we’re going back to the was old and awful “Bring the Class, not the Player”.

  6. Schitso

    It’s not even “bring the class” since i feel every other class has similar buffs? need a stat buff? just bring either a pally, monk or druid it doesn’t matter. Need a health boost? just bring a warrior to shout, BM hunter, priest or warlock using an imp (or in 5.2 it’s gonna be worked into their buffs). It feels more and more like “bring the biggest theorycrafting @$$ hats you can find for dps”

  7. Music-chan

    This isn’t a new problem with some guilds. Honestly, it’s based on the guild and not an overall problem with the game. Obviously, people who are DPS need to perform at a certain level otherwise bosses don’t get killed but you can kill bosses in raids without being a total min/maxer.

    If the guild you’re in decides that they’ll bring “the best” without considering the person’s personality and ability to get along with other people, then perhaps it’s time to find a guild that considers the social factors as well as performance.

  8. Folami

    For Asenath:

    Meanwhile, I thought the comic was hilarious and a nice use of Office Space jokes. :)

  9. Paaperclips

    @Asenath, I respect your opinion. But you can’t really say it’s brutal honesty. It’s your brutal opinion. 😛

    That said, I think this week’s comic is great. I love that movie. I read the whole thing in the appropriate voices. I thought it was really cleverly done. 😀

    I kind of want to make a video and dub over the real scene now.

  10. Vishusvixen

    This was hilarious!! I’m with Paaperclips, I totally read that in the appropriate voice as well, lol! Love this strip, ignore Asenath – anyone that doesn’t like it, doesn’t have to read it, mmmkaay?

  11. Zaronis

    I see you photo-shopped WoW onto the monitor. Nicely done.

  12. Falos

    Looks like cheap .flv caps, but whatever.

  13. Jennifer

    I’m so glad, Paaperclips, that I wasn’t the only one! I even continued the ventrilo monologue in my head….

  14. Mage

    “T-t-t-they took my trinket.”


  15. Bracket

    I came for the office space theme, I stayed for the alt text.

  16. Fire

    Asenath has a point. This comic is sorely lacking in flair. Does the Daily Blink only want to do the absolute minimum? Other webcomics are enthusiastically showing their flair. Let this be a lesson to you, folks – Don’t be the kind of person, or the kind of webcomic, who only wears the minimum 15 pieces of flair.

  17. Chris Hanel
    Chris Hanel


  18. Queen Anthai

    It’s good to see you expressing yourself.

  19. Kael

    Somehow I think if you’ve lost your taste for the comic for whatever reason you should simply move on and read others you prefer. Really everyone’s got a different taste and tastes change over time… if you no longer like a webcomic there’s many others you can look to.
    The author doesn’t charge anyone to see his work and there are many (myself included) that enjoy the jokes and comic itself. Shrug, to each their own. He puts work into the comic of his own time… it’s not like he’s even managing to make a living off of it as he’s got a full time job. Most people out there never manage to do something as awesome as create a comic on the side let alone create one that has as much recognition and as large of a fanbase as this.
    Course I suppose haters gotta hate… this is the internet and in a way this message probably just feeds the troll all the more. Just figured an artist deserves to have as many good comments as possible when they get an irritating one.

  20. Music-chan
  21. Paaperclips

    @Chris Hanel LOL! Perfect! xD

  22. Mr. Tastix

    @Fire: You must be new here.

  23. Vok

    Best. Blink. Ever.

  24. Mike

    Imagining Orlando Jones’s voice coming out of Mekkatorque’s mouth makes me laugh myself off the chair.

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