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I can't help it if my character is showing up as Level 124. It's an incredibly urgent bug and I'm shocked -- SHOCKED -- that the programmers haven't fixed it yet.

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  1. Katlamos

    Battlesaurs would make PvP so much more interesting AND entertaining.

  2. Faeriana

    Achievement: Devour 25 players of the opposite faction in every battleground with your battlesaur.

  3. Jawzrul

    Panda: “We’re on the same faction” *runs to join opposite side*

  4. Queldan

    @Faeriana Of course, the name of this will be “Om nom nom”.

  5. im turtle

    how is hey pushing the buttons up the laptop if he is a skull? i call botting

  6. nate v
    nate v

    I demand a battlesaur now.

    Achievement: Devour your own faction leader.
    Reward: Battlesaur pet battles.

  7. Crystallia

    Standing? Isn’t Bashiok a big floaty head? o.o

  8. Morrighan

    Zarhym promised me a Battlesaur! Hes just trying to trump GC’s pony.

  9. Falos

    “Enemy T-Rex inbound.”

  10. Crestlinger

    Reminds me of that old 80s cartoon Dino Riders. Probably was in the minds of the desgners too.

  11. pmavers

    Battlesaurs would make WSG actually playable.

  12. JohnK

    OMG ITS MURRAY! THE DEMONIC TALKING SKULL! I loved TDB before, but now I think I am IN love! <3 <3

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