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You know, if I was able to get a class passive of being even slightly as cool as Robert Downey Jr., I would stop playing a mage at this very moment and never look back. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang? One of the finest films of the last 20 years. Yeah, you heard me.

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  1. moy

    that is awsome

  2. Tary T
    Tary T

    Oh, very nice!………

  3. Sinkuu

    as someone whose main has been a warr since around 1.9, when I started playing… I have 2 words:


  4. maereck

    I must have this as a wallpaper!

  5. Roegall

    Fuck yeah indeed. I think I might steal this for my desktop background!

  6. DeGei

    If I had one nitpick on the whole thing, Tier 6 is way more memorable and iconic than Tier 9. BC really needed to be represented.

    Otherwise, HELL YES.

  7. damekage

    Now that is something I can get behind as a long time warrior tank.

  8. NunoM

    No tier 4? Pffft.

  9. Ymirsson

    Wait, technophile womanizer Iron Man is a warrior? I bet he’s a rogue, not because my main is a rogue, but because it’s true!

  10. George

    @Ymirsson: Now I really want to think of who the Avengers would be in WoW. Thor’s gotta be a tank, which is awkward because his powers work better for shammies, but I’m gonna go with ret pally. Hulk is a fury warrior, Hawkeye’s a Marksman hunter, Black Widow has to be a Sub rogue, Iron man… probably a combat rogue (ironic that the man in the metal armor is faster but weaker than the shirtless dude), and I’m gonna say Cap is holy pally because the party needs a healer and I can’t see anyone else doing it. His ret spec’s pretty nasty, though.

  11. SqueektheWeek

    Kiss Kiss Bang Bang was awesome!!

    Kilmer actually came out of his hole and did a good flick after such an absence.

  12. Knate

    Matt Rossi must be flattered.

  13. BigRed

    @George: Cap a holy pala? Seriously, the guy who throws his shield at people…? And hasn’t IM clearly a strong ranged component?

  14. Pallimmanis

    Protection’s Avenger’s Shield is CLEARLY Captain America. Thor? Gotta go with Light’s Hammer (level 90 talent) so we’ll call him a Retadin. Hawkeye’s a hunter. I’ll concede Warriors = Iron Man but crossbred with Mages. Black Widow is a Rogue. Hulk is Guardian Druid (though without the green part.)

  15. Vince

    Where is my T6 :<

  16. Ymirsson

    Hulk is without a green part? I disagree.

    And Thor must be a a enh shammy from past days, when you were able to tank instances. A real classic guy. Hur hur.

  17. Jude

    Anyway someone could get a personalized Paladin one? As in the Tiers of my choosing? :)

  18. Crestlinger

    Guardian driud with a DISGUSTING OOZELING! there’s the green

  19. coldarian

    make 1 with a DK:p

  20. EternalZero

    Nice, but Iron Man is totally a Fire Mage. Spams fireballs from his hands and has an overpowered, long-cooldown AoE.

  21. Ben "Jones"
    Ben "Jones"

    I totally agree about Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

  22. Bybzee

    Is it possible to have the source files? I would like to try to do the same with UD rogue :)


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