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Thank you for indulging my desire to finally try my hand at a cinemagraph.

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  1. Owlmessenger

    ooooh…. pretty

  2. EdanTheDwarf

    Would look better with the flame moving too, but otherwise looks wonderful.

  3. Silverhawk

    Daily Blinking out doing itself every time.

  4. kyze

    What about the fire?

  5. This is awesome!
    This is awesome!


    Very nice!

  6. Verelyse


    Out of the corner of my eye it looks like the Tauren is shrugging his shoulders and swishing his tail whenever I’m not looking. Weird.

  7. Banhammer

    That looks sooo cool, next time get the flames of the fire animated as well and you’ll be a god amongst cinematographers! 😀

  8. Kylanti

    You could animate the flames by the fire, too, for that added effect.

  9. Siel

    Hellscream, see to your defenses. The Campfire’s justice is coming for you.

  10. Knate


  11. Warsongraven

    Oh, I can almost hear the water coming down.
    Amazingly done!

  12. Snowpetrel

    next step: the fire!

  13. Aliok

    Nicely done. :)

  14. Horan

    Wonderful! I like this. Could be improved by animating the fire and the Tauren, but the waterfall is done perfectly.

  15. Crestlinger

    …the calm before the 5.4.

  16. JesRaven

    Neat trick. Just don’t let Blizz see this or they’ll nerf you again.

  17. Anjin

    That is really nice. Thanks. :)

  18. Samania

    Never commented before, but I am today just to say that this is one of the most lovely things I’ve ever seen. I doubt anyone would complain if you made more =]

  19. Bleckeb

    Animated wallpaper for different size of monitor, pwetty pwease? :)

  20. Xcari

    Beautiful! Eye candy, and delicious. Thanks!

  21. Rhywolver

    Can’t stand looking at this thing for long, I can’t get rid of the feeling that some kind of Zombi jumps in and SCREEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAMS -_-

  22. Ping

    To all those who are saying the campfire and the Tauren should also be animated, you are missing the subtlety of the cinemagraph. It’s perfect as it is, with the Tauren in the fire frozen in time while the waterfall flows.

    I love it :)

  23. Xrafice

    It does give it an odd enhanced 3D effect just having the water flow, but I would be curious how it would look with the fire animated as well.

    I, too, stared at this for a while, still expecting something else to happen. XD

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