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You gotta admit, if this was a group of level 90's, that would be quite the dedication to transmog.

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  1. Mikeztarp

    Well now we know why subscriber numbers came back up at the beginning of MoP. 😛

  2. Bandet

    Infinilock is my favorite bit character.

  3. haggi

    and why the subscriber numbers are dropping hard…

  4. Zaronis

    Manually move all of the locks into Drek’Thar’s room, and hope the Alliance doesn’t remember to Summon Ivus.

  5. Wani

    I love how this is where I first hear of this change. AND WHO SAID DAILY BLINK IS NOT A REPUTABLE NEWS SOURCE?

  6. Virika

    Rhis makes multiboxing sounds fun.. I want to try! wait what is the point again?

  7. Falos

    Bit meta here. I like.

  8. Tokryva

    Someone is having a case of multiple personality disorder ^_^

  9. Alayea

    @Zaronis: That was my thought as well. xD

  10. The Risu
    The Risu

    The alt text made me smile. I’d LOVE to see a guild/group of some kind pull that off. Flash mob or something. Though I think that there are a couple of guilds who have done full Imperial Plate ‘mogs and “impersonated” Stormwind Guards before…

  11. Beatrice

    That was the best. My favourite yet!

  12. Person

    @Tokryva: make that an INFINITE personality disorder!
    ….not funny?….I’ll stop….

  13. Cyx

    JEZUZ guys, do u srsly believe that multy boxers (the ppl who jump at the same time, cast spells at the same time, AND RUN TO THEIR MAIN AFTER THEY DIE use /follow

  14. John

    @Cyx yes, they do. Without /follow they can easily get separated. Once they are, it’s difficult to get them back. Not impossible of course, you can set rally points, but it will make it a lot more difficult generally.

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