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Will hold breath underwater for ten minutes for food

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  1. Rhandric

    Love the reference!

  2. SebSnake

    Loved all their games. And now I hate disney.

    Great tribute, but why is purple tentacle hiding in the back? He needs to be in first place 😛

  3. Aliok

    It’s sad, but sadly not unexpected. /salute

  4. Woofo7

    LucasArts lost my interest once they stopped making adventure games in favor of focusing completely on Star Wars. Yet, it’s like something that was there, now isn’t. I’m not sure I’m sad, but I’m not indifferent either. It’s a weird feeling.

  5. Falos

    Yeah, there were signs.

  6. Alayea

    Lucasarts did give us some good stuff, but this was foreseeable. /farewell

  7. Joe

    Damn you Disney! You fight like a cow!

  8. Silvertaurus

    LucasArts was long time inactive in game production…
    What Disney did was just end of dreams that “one day they might do it again”.
    TBH .. with this, chances for those old titles are kinda higher to get those games again, because Disney just wants to sell licences to LA games.

  9. ThatGuy

    is that Goofy’s hat in the backround?

  10. Hurtnalbertn


  11. Hurtnalbertn

    I had a lot of fun with Monkey Island 2, and I think I still have the diskettes that I can no longer use.

    I really only came here to suggest a strip based on “Iko Iko” by the Belle Stars – a pvp thing, though I don’t pvp – “My flagboy said to your flagboy, I’m gonna set your flag on fire”.

    I don’t have the skills you guys do. Kudos, Chris and Mike.

  12. Crestlinger

    and mickey-eared pygmies hehe

  13. Sesiom

    You might like to see this about Ron Gilbert Thougts about a sequel

  14. Sesiom

    html codes doesnt seem to work -_-‘

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