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  1. Syntaxerror

    I’m usually an anonymous reader of your comics however I felt the need to extend my thoughts towards this one. My best wishes towards your family. You shouldn’t need to feel obliged to provide anything however it’s always good to find an occupation for your mind during times of difficulty.

  2. Crystallia

    Oh dear gods, that’s horrible (and very understandable as to why there is no funny.) My condolences. ):

    Nice doodle, though

  3. maereck

    Wish you and your family the best, Mike.

  4. Ashrien

    Also got semi-family in Boston. I hope yours is okay. I hope everyone’s is okay. I wish I had more than that to offer. Random internet stranger cares about you, okay?

  5. Ayshela

    *gentle hugs* and best wishes for you, your family, and everyone affected by this. Hope you get in touch with them soon.

  6. Alayea

    I like cats, so the sketch is amusing enough. Hope all is well with your family!

  7. Tale

    I work in Boston and appreciate the sentiment. I also totally now want the Lil Kitty pet.

  8. Indigohawk

    Hoping you’ve heard from your family and all are safe. Also trying to decide if that’s a yarn ball toy or a hairball this guy just puked up. Which, actually, would be hysterical in game, and now I want a pet that does that.

  9. Alayea

    Good news, people – the second suspect is confirmed to be in custody!

  10. Moria

    Hope your family’s ok and that you hear from them soon. *hugs*

  11. JesRaven

    It’s Cat Thuzad!

    I really hope that things turn around for you, Chris. I don’t know anyone in Boston, but I still grieve. I hope at the very least that these guys will admit what they did and accept life in prison as a consequence, to spare the city of Boston the long ache of a meaningless trial.

    TL;DR: I wish you and your family well, Chris. And I look forward to the time when you feel funny again. :3

  12. Helston

    Wishing you and your family the best – another usually anonymous reader.

  13. SirFWALGMan

    Hope everything is fine. Been a nasty few days in Boston. – Waffles.

  14. Wolfing1785

    Normally I just read these without a word but know we ALL wish for the best and please keep your fans updated, on that they are ok.

  15. Einrich Himmelveiner
    Einrich Himmelveiner

    Mr. Bigglesworth did the “A Change in Command” quest, it seems.

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