As of this week and for the foreseeable future, The Daily Blink will be releasing once a week, every Wednesday.

I really want to act as if this isn’t disappointing news due to the reasoning behind it, but I know for many it won’t be seen as anything else. However, the decision stems from there being too many irons in the fire — some of them pretty exciting — and needing to find the right balance that doesn’t end with a mental nervous breakdown.

What does this mean? Other than the schedule change, not so much. The title of the strip becomes incrementally more detached from reality, I get to average a few more hours sleep, and I have time for some of the other projects currently sitting on my desk. Nothing I can really brag about just yet, but I can at least say that what I’m working on is relevant to your interests and will hopefully be worth the sacrifice.

The Daily Blink’s readers have been amazingly understanding about changes like this, and when the strip took a multi-month hiatus awhile back, everyone picked right back up like it hadn’t gone anywhere. Even if there’s a reduced amount of content, I didn’t want to have to make that call again; it felt like it wouldn’t be right in the face of everyone who has supported the strip and donated over the past year. Hopefully I can do you proud with what updates are still happening and whatever else I can offer in the meantime.

Thanks everyone!