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The Kirin Tor - Making Clothies Badass again Since 7200 Years Ago

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  1. oakmettle

    Nice! Friend of mine and I did Kirin Tor mages for Dragon*Con some years ago. They always come in pairs!

  2. Snikeren

    Awesome! cheap viagra 100mg Clothies deserve some love too

  3. SqueektheWeek

    Plate or die.

  4. Mikeztarp

    Actuallt it’s more like 1,200 years ago. But hey, three out of four isn’t so bad, and if you twist the viagra pills 7 a little and you squint, it kinda looks like a 1…

  5. Solanstusx

    Am I the only one that thinks this looks a little dystopian? In a ‘Big Sister Jaina is watching you’ way. >.>

  6. Lethosos

    THIS. Wallpaper NOW.

    You make the best WoW eyecandy when you’re not making Ghostcrawler jokes. :D

  7. Crestlinger

    …of everyone inside Dalaran.

  8. Mikky

    This really highlights how awful the Kirin Tor Tabard is. Seriously. It’s horrid.

  9. Mikeztarp

    @Solanstusx I thought the same thing until I saw the alt text.

  10. Jalene

    This reminds me of something I can’t put my finger on genuine viagra cheap it it’s something from Pokemon!! Uhhhhhhhh I yah the unknown remember those guys that’s what this reminds me of the letters and how this whole thing is laid out

  11. VyNKa

    Want a Wallpaper!

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