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There's clearly a few bugs still left in the system, it would have known to lead with the profanity earlier on to intimidate the rest of the raid and establish dominance.

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  1. nzall

    clickable link for those that want to visit the website:

  2. nzall

    And apparently, that link doesn’t work…

  3. Iriesh

    Link it to the new browser tab.

  4. Oosaarn

    This . . . is how the robot revolution begins.

  5. Hagu

    The text of the the link above is correct; in the actual link you just need to delete everything to the left of the http://www.cs.cmu

  6. Hagu

    Ah, it is this site being overly helpful. I typed the w w w and the software inserted the first seven characters in ^

  7. Erik

    “You have been removed from the instance group.”

  8. Indigohawk

    I laughed so hard I scared my cat. And I’m pretty sure I’ve raided with that program.

  9. Alayea

    Yeah, those LFRs can really throw the program. I suggest bringing an assistant onboard – complete with pay and benefits – to help you out with that virus.


  10. Crestlinger

    to the alt text: And urinate on the tanks so they are marked

  11. Aliok

    LOL! XD Love it. After watching the video, I can see exactly how you came up with this comic.

    Also going by the video, I think PlayFun watched Spacebar Clown by TheGreyfoo waaaaay too much.

  12. JesRaven

    Watching Playfun play Tetris was hilarious.
    Honestly, it was 17 years ago that IBM developed Deep Blue to play chess against Gary Kasparov. I’m surprised that nobody’s thought of making computers to play video games in all this time.

  13. Davaca

    JesRaven, this is a completely new research. It’s not about programming an AI to respond to a player’s input (most games do this anyway), it’s about being able to program a computer to ‘learn’ how to respond to different situations.

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