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I almost went with a slogan of 'Let us into your goddamn club right fucking now'... too on the nose?

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  1. Ainyan

    Want poster NAO. Love it!

  2. Peldorain-Moon Guard
    Peldorain-Moon Guard

    *Throws money at it*

    I want this as a background.

  3. a_m_s989

    For the Horde!

  4. Bracket

    I wanted to ask if you were going to, but I didn’t want it to seem like you had to. I’m so glad you did. I love eet. if I had one of them newfangled smrtfones I’d use it as a wallpaper

  5. Angelist

    The Sunreavers – Dancing on mailboxes since 2007

  6. Hollowgolem

    My recommendation would be something like:

    About as close to “cool” as blood elves can get.

  7. Lazurturkey

    Inside jokes. I don’t get them. The last few have been kinda like……..what?

  8. Sanzul

    2007? Has it been that long? I still think of the belfs as newcomers…

  9. Ymirsson

    And bloody newcomers they still are! Back when there were only proper factions we had grind reputation both ways uphill, in a snowstorm, 20 hours a day and NO FLYING MOUNTS! Not all this fancy flitty whoop de doo prancing about nowadays!

  10. KreistofNorse

    Oh to have as a wallpaper….

  11. Yaskaleh

    Risen from the ashes, eh? Ashes they sure were after the massive slaughter I did on those treacherous vermin.

  12. Drewknukem

    Belfs were around in wc3, so you can’t really think of them as newcomers.

    That’s like saying an actor took a 2 year break so it’s a newcomer to the same show when it returns.

  13. PocketFox

    Shut up and take my money!

  14. MechaKingGhidra

    Perhaps it’s just the sky and how the emblem is angled into it, but I immediately starting playing the ‘Superman’ fanfare in my head….

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