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'No, wait, hear me out, it involves a whole new mage spec!' 'BRING THE TAZER!'

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  1. ColCool

    Wait, wut…

    Stormwind Guard calling for security?

  2. Alyred

    Er… why is the security calling for security? :)

  3. Sinkuu

    Don’t taze me, Bro! 😛

  4. Alayea

    For mage like Chris, one lonely security guard doesn’t cut it. 😛

  5. Mikeztarp

    Mages are OP: they’ve figured out how to cross into real life. Nerf mages! 😛

  6. JesRaven

    “Why shouldn’t the inmates be allowed to run the asylum? It seems that they would know what needs to be done.” – George Carlin

  7. Bearpelt

    Fence? What sort of mage lets a mere -fence- get in the way of world dominat–I mean, important things. Stuff. WHATEVER.

  8. Crestlinger

    Now someone’s going to start a mage QQ line there in reality.

  9. Elvis O,
    Elvis O,

    I get the feeling that the guards at Blizzard Campus would be orc grunts, not human footmen.

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