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I already have a good idea for a song parody to go along with this, but I'm worried that Ray Parker Jr. will rip me off.

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  1. Voidmist

    You forgot the want to buy cialis at cheap price Shoulder-pads that are bigger than their heads

  2. The Doctor
    The Doctor

    I just love Jay Wilson peaking out.

  3. JesRaven
    JesRaven logo on the DeLorean! cheap generic cialis for sale Nice touch!

  4. Tokryva

    Look at Tastosis representing the Esports ^_^

  5. Alex


  6. Falos


    Let’s go forward in time to find out what needs preventing, it’ll save us, uh, time.

  7. Benny Tops
    Benny Tops

    Loving it. Would like to see what you can do along the lines of removing McFly and Doc, and replacing them with Rayner and Thrall.

    Not sure which order that should be in, guess it depends on generic viagra pills no prescription canada if Jimmy is in a suit or not.

    See you at the Tops when I get back in Time!

  8. Xrafice

    Funny you should mention time travel… “ZOMG THEY PREDICTED WARLORDS!” lol

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