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  1. Bob


  2. Crestlinger

    If WoW does go this way they won’t just be losing thousands of subscribers.

  3. Alayea

    Man, if the Bad Robot battle pet actually did that… I would go and buy it to ignore people. And then Blizzard would nerf it like they did Lil’ XT…

    Never mind.

  4. Alex

    So this is order viagra 50 mg the future…At least some people will be able to generic cialis for sale sell their toon names if they got in before a big company.

    Another great comic! buying generic cialis :D

  5. aliok

    Anyone else notice how the viagra discount generic undead rogue(?) never says a word? ;)

    Also, Alayea says she meant “annoy,” not “ignore.”

  6. JesRaven

    Huh…. There’s a rogue there. He was so quiet, I didn’t even notice.

  7. Falos

    Troll looks like he’s wearing BC gear.


  8. Dingo

    Can someone please explain what this is a reference to for someone who hasn’t played the game for a while? :P

  9. scuac

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