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It's up to all of you now... if the strip is still going in 2016, make sure I make good on this promise... so that I can delay it again until 2019.

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  1. Thedoctor

    Alrighty then, expect to hear from me a reminder about this in 2016.

  2. toliman

    Oh … Hang on, i’m just phoning in this comment on this comic site.

    Yeah, i know, it’s kind of silly, but uh, i’m kinda busy, y’know, what with watching TV and things, i should just put something here so i can edit it later on. that looks okay.

    I’m pretty sure in 3 years i’ll come back and edit it.

  3. Mikeztarp

    I love the fact that people are complaining about the “delay” of a game that hasn’t even been announced yet. I don’t know who came up with this 2014 release, but knowing Blizzard’s track record that was never going to happen anyway.

  4. Falos

    Your opinion is wrong, dumbass, this strip was [crap/brilliant] and Titan is [retarded/awesome].


  5. Ymirsson

    I want to post a witty comment, but it doesn’t fit into my schedule!

  6. JesRaven

    The Titan is a lie…
    The Titan is a lie…
    The Titan is a lie…

  7. Crestlinger

    Titan AE: Azeroth Extinct.

  8. Lazurturkey

    You skipped a week. I demand a double feature next week.

  9. George

    *sets calendar in advance*

    So, it begins.

  10. Lazurturkey

    What’s going on over here? Haven’t had any new material in awhile and what has come out has been half-assed.

    I’m disappointed to see this site decline so. It was one of my favorites. *Begins to write eulogy*

  11. Runsora

    Aaaand two weeks without an update.

    We don’t mind if you don’t feel able to do this every week, but…Just tell us what’s going on, please.

  12. Falos

    These things happen, guys. I’ve seen most conceivable schedules, deviations, deaths, and resurrections, over every kind of timeframe. I’m guessing it’ll be about five months until the next VGcats comic.

  13. Hurtnalbertn

    I hope you guys are ok?

  14. Thedoctor

    I didn’t mean my reminder in 2016 was the cue to continue making comics, I swear!

  15. Runsora

    Three weeks.

    Getting legitimately worried about Chris’s wellbeing now. Forget the comic, I’m concerned about him.

  16. Falos

    Nah, statistically it’s certain we should have several facetweet plebs, and they’d know if something’d happened. You see, for some reason people like to put their news there instead of on their own site.

    Oh wait, they did post news, it’s in the bloggy area. Hiatus confirmed. Well, you know the drill: Move the bookmark to the “Dead” folder and check it a few times a year.

  17. Mcdeath

    yeah, looks like “next weeks comic” may not be on schedule after all.

  18. Medros

    Maybe next year…

  19. Vaximillian

    Looks like the next week’s comic had been pushed pack to 2016.

    Are you alright guys? We readers are concerned.

  20. Xrafice

    And then there wasn’t a new strip for 6 months. Well played. 😀

  21. Quint

    Looks like 2016 is getting close.

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