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On the other side of the screen, it all looks so easy.

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  1. Nope

    He’s just making another comic for Ghostcrawler leaving Blizz, not back permanently.

    Move along people.

  2. Trillium

    Oh, Daily Blink is back!!!

    Daily Blink is back, riiiiight? O_o


    Farewell to the Clawed One. May his next destination give him authority over more Paladins that he may continue to nerf them… TO THE GROUND BABY!

  4. Mr. Tastix
    Mr. Tastix

    I didn’t agree with him on all things, but better the devil you know then the devil you don’t. I’m not looking forward to finding out who the new one is.

  5. Lazurturkey

    GC had little to do with class balance and design and more to do with features and UI. Everyone placed the blame on him for things they didn’t like balance-wise about the game when he had little to do with it.

  6. Chaoslux

    @Lazurturkey “Systems design specifically is everything that is not level, story, quest or encounter design. My team handles everything from classes to mechanics to items to trade skills to achievements to UI design, and that includes the game balance.” – Ghostcrawler @ Blizzcon 2011.

    So yes, it was his job to do class balance and design.

  7. randompersonnumber4567

    @ It was his job and that of the entire team. GC was a mere crab thrown at the community as a sacrifice.

  8. Celista

    We’re going to miss you, Ghostcrab.

  9. Caliswow

    Thanks for creating this little tribute to Ghostcrawler. You and he are both classy and classic!

  10. Falos

    Regardless of how (in)complete his actual impact on mechanics and design was, it was good to have a solid PR. And from someone who was at least redditblr-grade.

  11. Alayea

    Not going to miss him.

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