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The Creative Process

Who writes The Daily Blink?

The Daily Blink was created by Chris Hanel, and was written with co-writers 'CP' for part of 2010, and Michael Owen from late 2010-2012.

What Software do you use for the art?

When I first started doing the strip, it was literally just screengrabs and Photoshop, which was *insane* and the result of a complete lack of researching. Once I realized I was being a moron, though, I started playing with a lot of different tools before settling on a workflow.

For the WoW assets, I use either WoW Model Viewer or Machinima Studio to pose, outfit, and screengrab. Both tools their pros and cons, and I'll pick one or the other depending on the task. Machinima Studio is a bit more robust of a tool for camera angles and lighting, but WMV works extremely quickly when I need something simple. I also seem to have an easier time with WMV's ability to search through filenames. (I keep meaning to try out Wow Machinima Tool and its brand new Diablo III sibling, and I'll report once I've given them a peek.)

For UI elements, I've used an MPQ Viewer to export all of the .blp image files, and then an image browser called XnView can convert them to .png. It probably still takes me just as long to make fake UI interfaces as it did to manipulate pure screengrabs, but the result is a lot cleaner.

All of the assembly takes place in Photoshop CS6, a piece of software I've probably spent more time in than any other, including WoW. I started tinkering with Photoshop in my school computer lab in the late 90's and haven't stopped since.

How do you make your strips?

I always write the strip the night before it comes out since I'm way too lazy to work ahead a lot of the subject matter is topical.

Why are there Warlock icons on the footer? I thought this was The Daily *Blink*!

My web developer is a dick.

The Website

I want to be able to just go to the latest comic!

This is actually really easy: Just bookmark http://www.thedailyblink.com/?latestcomic - you'll always go to the most recent strip. No extra clicking required.